Rules and Regulations

  • No spitting, horseplay or mischief.

  • No excessive noise, eating or drinking in the bus.

  • No harassment of any kind or use of bad language.

  • No standing while the bus is in motion.

  • Bags and other objects cannot take up student seating space or block the aisle.

  • Do not board a bus that you are not assigned to without written permission from a school administrator.

  • No putting out any part of your body ( hands, face etc.) out of the window.

  • No aggression or play fighting.

  • Do not vandalize the bus or destroy the seats.

  • Do not use emergency exits except in the case of an emergency.

  • Do not tamper with any bus equipment or controls.

  • Do not disobey the driver or the attendants instructions.

  • Students should obey and respect the orders of the driver. The driver is required to report any in-disciplinary
    problem to the appropriate school administrator / Principal.

  • Students should respect others and not exhibit mis behavior that could disturb the other students or the driver.

  • Students may talk quietly, but should avoid loud, boisterous behavior that could distract the driver.

  • Avoid unnecessary conversation with the driver.

  • Students should keep the bus clean.