Personality Development

    At our school we provide a nurturing environment and that instill good values and provides an opportunity to the child to develop a personality that will make him unique. We have introduced various sports and games understanding that it plays an important role in developing the personality of an individual. It inculcates a sense of discipline and friendship. It teaches an individual how to work in group.

    Crucial factor that moulds the personality of a child is the environment to which they are exposed. Need not say that no place can be a better place than school for personality development. Our school is more activity oriented and interactive, hence providing a suitable environment for the development of the child.

    We teach them the importance of effective communication and correct body language as it boost's up one's confidence which in turn further sharpens and improves an individual's personality.

    Our School gives a broader perspective on life, more knowledge and broader platform to share views and gain experiences. More importantly, they help in development of cognitive, behavioral and emotional intelligence part of one's personality.